Bernard Champagne

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Bernard Champagne
Vice President

Tel: (613) 233-7727 (ext. 310

Cell: (613) 295-7188

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Bernard Champagne has significant experience in management and flight training, gained during his time in the Canadian Armed Forces.

He joined the Forces in 1988, where he reached the rank of Lieutenant-Colonel and Commandant of the Eastern Region Cadet Flight Training Center in St-Jean-sur-Richelieu. A position he held from May 2009 until he joined ATAC.

In addition to his career as a reservist officer in the Forces, Bernard worked in finance and law. He practiced law in Quebec for a few years before working for Scotiabank, as Branch Manager.

Bernard holds a Law degree from the University of Montreal and has been a member of the Québec Bar since 1993. He also holds a Masters degree in Business Administration from the University of Québec in Montreal. He holds a Glider Pilot Instructor License since 1989 as well as a Commercial Aircraft Pilot License. He has accumulated more than 2200 flying hours, 600 hours of which are on glider.

As ATAC Vice-President, Bernard is primarily responsible for Flight Training, Legal Affairs, Taxation and UAV related issues. He is also responsible for the Power Pilot Scholarship offered to the Air Cadets of Canada.


  • Flight Training
  • Air Cadet Power Pilot Scholarship Program
  • Vocational Training Regulation
  • International Marketing of Flight Training
  • Special Projects
  • Tax
  • Legal
  • UAV