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CCAA Labour Market Strategy Day

CCAA Labour Market Strategy Day

Join us for our Labour Market Strategy Day, to be held in conjunction with the Aerospace Industries Association of Canada, at the Canadian War Museum in Ottawa, on November 17th, 2016.

We will be focussed entirely on challenges specific to the aviation and aerospace workforce, and on developing a coherent national plan to support our workforce.

The quick background of this event is that our council, the AIAC, and the Emerson Commission in 2012 have all identified the lack of a national strategy for the aviation and aerospace manufacturing workforce as a major weakness in Canada’s bid to remain relevant in a global industry. After re-examining the actual situation, we realized it was time to call a meeting.

We conceived the idea of the Labour Market Strategy Day, discussed it with our Partners and based on the enthusiastic response, have been putting it together since mid-summer. We’re pulling interested parties from government, industry and education to inform one another of their roles and capabilities for training and support. We will also make the first steps toward articulating a national strategy and forming a group to cultivate and grow that strategy. In addition, we’ll take the first steps to form the related working group that can start executing on the strategy.

The real power of this day will come from those who attend, to listen and to participate in the discussions that follow each segment of the day (Segments: Industry, Educators, Government) . For more background on the issues Canada’s aerospace workforce is grappling with, please refer to the CCAA website,

Please contact Leslie Hogan at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to register. The event is fully sponsored by our members, so there is no fee to attend.





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