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POSITION: Director of Finance
LOCATION: Kelowna Base

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POSITION: Director of Finance
LOCATION: Kelowna Base
The Director of Finance reports to the President of the KF Aerospace Group, and will lead the Accounting & Finance team focusing on all aspects of financial, tax and management information related to the operations of the KF Aerospace Aviation Group (the "Aviation Group").
This hands-on operational role will liaise with auditors, bankers, customers, as well as the aviation group’s internal Senior Leadership & Management teams, and the parent company (KF Capital Ltd.) CFO.
 Assist the management team with the development of the Aviation Group's strategic goals by gathering pertinent business, financial, service, and operations information; identifying and evaluating trends and options; defining objectives; modelling and evaluating outcomes and options
 Liaise with and support Directors and key Managers across all departments to ensure effective interdepartmental communications, smooth operational processes and efficient overall business results
 Take the lead in the ongoing development of the Aviation Group's financial reporting, tax planning, budgeting and operational reporting
 Reporting directly to the President, ensure Financial and Internal controls are adequate and effective to protect the business
 Participate in the development of systems and processes to promote organizational efficiency and effectiveness including participation in the Aviation Group's Continuous Improvement initiatives
 Manage staff effectiveness and productivity
 Liaise with the CFO of KF Capital on cash forecasting and overall cash management processes
 Prepare presentations for Board meetings, leadership meetings, training of other departments as required
 Provide financial modelling and other support for special projects for the KF Aerospace Group and liaise on special projects with KF Capital, as required.
The Director of Finance oversees the Accounting department, which services the highly integrated KF Aerospace Aviation Group:
The “KF Group”:
 Kelowna Flightcraft Air Charter Ltd. (“KFACL”),
 Kelowna Flightcraft Ltd. (“KFL”),
 Regency Aero Lease Inc. (“RALI”),
 Regency Logistics GP (“RLGP”),
- 2 -
 Ontario Flightcraft Ltd. (“OFL”),
 Kelowna Flightcraft R&D Ltd (“KFR&D”),
The “Aviation Group”:
 Includes the above “KF Group” as well as the Allied Wings Group (“AW Group”) (Individually, the “legal entities”).
This role ensures that aviation operations are effectively supported and financial objectives are achieved through sound business management practices; strong financial system processes and controls; proactive budgeting / planning / analysis; and effective leadership, staff coaching, succession planning and inter-department problem solving.
The Director of Finance has two direct reports:
 Corporate Controller (overseeing KFL, KFACL, RALI, RLGP, OFL and KFR&D),
 Financial Systems Controller (utilizing the Lawson M3 ERP systems for the Aviation Group).
The Director of Finance has one indirect report:
· The Defence Divisional Controller (Allied Wings) reports directly to the Director, Defence Programs for operational control. However, the Defence Divisional Control works indirectly for the DOF to ensure consistent and integrated financial statements, financial policies & processes, planning, treasury, internal controls and other functions as required under the DOF’s control.
For each legal entity within the Aviation Group:
 Ensure preparation and review of annual budgets (P&L, Balance Sheet)
 Ensure preparation and review of monthly financial statements are prepared according to ASPE
 Ensure preparation and review (as required) of “EBITDA statements” and KPIs for operational departments
 Ensure preparation and review of annual financial forecast vs budget monthly
 Oversee and manage intercompany billings, payments and other transactions
 Identify financial trends, tax issues, risk issues and performance patterns, complete with appropriate responses or recommendations for correction and improvement
 Ensure annual financial audits are appropriately conducted and concluded
For the KF Obligor Group (KFL+RALI):
 Ensure preparation and review of annual budgets (P&L, Balance Sheet)
 Ensure preparation and review of quarterly financial statements according to ASPE
 Ensure preparation and approval of quarterly covenant / statutory declarations for banks
For each legal entity:
 Liaise with KF Capital CFO on cash forecasting, foreign exchange and cash borrowing needs
 Ensure banking and cash controls are maintained (liaise with banks, KF Capital CFO)
 Ensure corporate insurance policies maintained, updated and rebilled as needed (liaise with insurance brokers, agents and underwriters)
 Review/approve lease contracts for aviation premises and RALI aircraft operations (liaison with legal and corporate personnel as required) and take the lead for ensuring lease, maintenance reserve and other payments are current as well as managing distributions from the maintenance reserve accounts in conjunction with the Director of Maintenance
 Review/approve material Contracts (liaison with Director of Maintenance and Business Development Director to ensure adequate insurance, indemnifications, pricing/costing, credit terms and risk mitigation)
- 3 -
 Ensure statutory remittances completed and CRA and other regulatory audits properly concluded
 Manage external customer and supplier relations, including credit terms as required
 Coach and support Controllers’ efforts to manage company day-to-day financial operations
 Take the lead on securing insurance for the Aviation Group's property insurance
 A CPA Professional Designation,
 10 to 15 years of progressive post designation accounting experience
 Solid understanding of Accounting Systems and Software
 Familiarity with ASPE and current financial and industry practices
 Excellent leadership, relationship building and team building skills
 Strong communication skills, verbal and written
 Effective strategic planning skills; able to translate into tactical initiatives
 Handles complex analytical problems within a high pressure, high volume environment
 Effective problem solving, modelling and organizational skills
 Demonstrated ability to supervise staff to maximize engagement
 Aviation or manufacturing / costing experience a definite asset
 Corporate Controller
 Financial Systems Controller
Finance & Accounting Team also includes:
 Maintenance Divisional Controller
 Senior Accountant
 Accounts Payable (2)
 Financial Systems Analyst
 Billing Supervisor
 Billing Support (3)
Close Association & Co-operation
 Defence Divisional Controller (& associated accounting staff)
 KF Capital CFO
 Directors of KF Aerospace
 Bankers, Auditors, Insurers
 Ability to work independently and utilize analytical problem solving skills
 Strong interpersonal and communication skills,
 Able to learn quickly & build relationships, support a team environment
 Able to liaise across all departments and speak/present with senior management
 Organized and attentive to details
 Adaptable to fast pace, deadline driven environment