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An ATAC membership has many advantages. We represent and assist Canada's commercial aviation industry with regulatory, operational and financial strategies, issues management, and business development through effective advocacy, a high public profile and community engagement.

ATAC members benefit from over 85 years of the association's experience, assistance and representation. Members also benefit from the support and involvement of other members including key industry stakeholders, thus helping each member to succeed while managing even the most challenging industry issues.


ATAC events attract key personnel from all sectors of industry and government, allowing you to forge personal connections with the people who will write the next chapter of Canadian aviation history. Opportunities are bigger and problems are smaller when industry works together through networks built at ATAC. 

ATAC typically hosts at least two major events per year open to all members – The annual Canadian Aviation Conference and the Spring Event Aviation Day-on -the-Hill. Additional events are organized and opportunities created when circumstances call for them.


ATAC represents its members in legislative and regulatory affairs, ensuring that their voice is heard when important decisions are being made.  

ATAC can also act confidentially on behalf of individual members to seek clarification or untangle regulatory matters with maximum discretion.

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International Business Development

Grow your business through participation in ATAC's many events, including international missions to trade shows and exhibitions. Take advantage of subsidies on eligible expenses available to association members participating in approved international export activities. These subsidies alone can often cover much or even all of the cost of membership. Create new partnerships and discover new markets with your ATAC membership.

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