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Health Canada, members of the airline industry and air transportation associations have collaborated to develop and implement a Potable Water Audit Program with two components to address potable water quality on aircraft. First, a routine water testing/sampling program was introduced in June 2006 with the purpose of monitoring bacteriological quality of the water on Canadian based airlines having domestic, international and trans border flights. Second, the "Health Canada Standard for the Development of a Potable Water Management Plan for Airlines" was introduced in September 2006 to guide the development of airline-specific potable water management plans. The airline specific plans now form the basis for our audit program, which was introduced in 2008. Since the inception of the Program, there have been improvements in potable water quality for the airline sector.

Development of Potable Water Management Plans with Phase I and Phase II airlines have been completed and accepted by Health Canada. Health Canada will be begin working with six (6) Phase III airlines this year to develop Potable Water Management Plans and subsequent audits against these plans. Your company has been identified as a Phase III airline. A Health Canada Regional Manager will be in touch with you shortly to further introduce the Airline Potable Water Audit Program to you.

Portable Water Management Plan – Audit Guide 2011

Health Canada Standards for Development of a PWMP

Airline Industry 2010-2011 Activity Report

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