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"The implementation of Safety Management Systems for all certificate holders in Canada has been ongoing since the turn of the century. A properly designed and implemented SMS with provide an operator with extensive information on hazards within their organization. It will also rely on a change of operating culture to a more open and reporting culture. That cultural shift will vary with each company. Some companies will not see much change while others will see an extensive shift towards an open reporting culture with good lines of communications throughout.

Over the last ten plus years many operators have looked at the implementation of an SMS and many have shied away from it, thinking it was too onerous a task or too complicated. ATAC, as a service to its members, undertook the development of a package of assistance to help its members better implement an SMS and at the same time make it easier to achieve success. The result has been the SMS Toolkit and Workshops.

The SMS Toolkit is a package of processes and templates that an operator can use to develop their own specific program to meet their individual needs. To make better use of the toolkit and maximize its benefits, ATAC also offers a three day workshop designed to provide a "how to" approach to SMS implementation."

The ATAC SMS Toolkit is available at no cost to all ATAC members.

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