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ATAC is the national association which represents the majority of professional Flight Schools in Canada that deliver over 80% of the commercial pilot training. According to Transport Canada data International students currently comprise 40% of the flight training students in Canada. The impact of foreign students in Canada has been dramatic for the Flight Training industry as foreign student business has supported the capital intensive model of upgrading and modernizing our Flight Simulators and Training Aircraft in Canadian Flight Schools. This fleet modernization has been unprecedented in our industry over the last 30 years.

Aviation in Canada is federally regulated by Transport Canada and as such Transport Canada has oversight and power to issue and/or seize Operating Certificates for Flight Training Units. Transport Canada is in the midst of Program Validation Inspections which insure that Safety Management Principals and quality assurance processes are in place as required by the Canadian Air Regulations.

We understand that Education is within the jurisdiction of provinces and territories. ATAC has requested the opportunity this fall to meet with the Ministers of Education at the annual meeting in Ottawa to provide details of the ATAC Flight Training Schools in Canada and the importance of the International market to the industry.

We understand the impact of the of the education brand when used by a large number of institutions. ATAC has already worked Internationally with the Department of Foreign Affairs Global Opportunities for Association program and has developed a website with a Canadian brand for Flight Training Schools. ATAC has also led two Canadian missions to India to meet with Director General of Civil Aviation, the Minister, airlines, student representatives and students. Flight Schools are under the oversight of Transport Canada however the issuance of study permits has traditionally been the responsibility of CIC. ATAC has worked closely with CIC in the past to ensure the legitimacy of Canadian Flight Schools training International students to become professional pilots. ATAC is the aviation representative on the CIC Advisory Committee on International Students and Immigration (ACISI) panel.

Privately funded flight schools do not currently have access to the Imagine Education in/au Canada brand. Access to this Brand developed by Foreign Affairs and International Trade Canada and administered through the FPCCERIA , will enable Flight Training Schools to use the brand and expand our reach to participate in international events in various parts of the world. The Brand will enhance ATAC's current international business strategy, identifying Canada as the number one place in the world to study and train to be a professional pilot.

Brand Use Eligibility Policy - Eligibility for Use of the Imagine Education in Canada Brand

Education Canada Brand – Argument Paper

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