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CanExport Associations (CEA) ATAC International Missions – Ireland and Singapore

Flight training international missions have been on hold since the COVID 19 pandemic created travel restrictions. ATAC FTU’s have communicated that the time is right to plan a mission to international markets namely Ireland and Singapore.

The two events in the ATAC proposal are APATS Asia Pacific Airline Training Symposium is taking place August 29-30, 2023. APATS Asia Pacific Airline Training Symposium is a trade show held annually in Singapore and the Pilot Career Live Dublin, Ireland on October 21, 2023 at the Croke Park Stadium. ATAC flight schools interested in joining the missions e-mail

APATS Singapore

As part of an overall strategy of market diversification and recovery of international pilot training to renew contacts in Asia Pacific region, this package will support mission The event is the Asia Pacific Aviation Training Summit (APATS) in Singapore. With 800 delegates from across the Middle East, Asia, & Oceania. we can cover a large swath of the Asia Pacific international market and renew business connections paused due to the slow down and stoppage of pilot training during the pandemic.

Description: This activity builds on the foundation of our previous missions to China, and India. According to Boeing, “the Asia-Pacific region is the fastest growing and comprises 40 percent of the global need”. At an annual average growth rate more than 4% over original forecasts Asian is the leading area for passenger air traffic, for both domestic and international traffic, growing well above the world average. According to Boeing’s 2022 Current Market Outlook, 16,930 new aircraft valued at $2.68 trillion will be needed in the Asia Pacific region by 2037. Demand for pilots is also dramatic with 244,000 pilots needed in Asia Pacific, which represents the highest percentage of the 602,000 pilots needed globally within 20 years. More than half of the pilots in Asia obtained professional pilot training internationally. In past years delegates, and among the best represented countries were Singapore, Japan, Malaysia, Korea, and China. The main objectives of this activity include getting first-hand information about international business development opportunities, especially opportunities to train international ab-initio student pilots on fixed-wing piston aircraft for airline and general aviation employers, and especially where those students can be trained as instructors and work in Canada for up to 2 years after graduation. Types of contacts sought for this include high-level hiring or training directors at airlines or general aviation companies, regulators dealing with licensing and training in their home jurisdiction, foreign flight school operators, and foreign pilots with knowledge of their local labour market.

The UK and Ireland continue to be growth markets for Canadian flight training companies as low-cost carriers demand more pilots. Past GOA projects have worked with European regulators to explore partnering with a European flight school to deliver EASA training in Canada.

The Pilot Careers Live show Dublin

An opportunity for Canadian companies to interact directly with European students who may wish to do flight training in Canada, as well as with potential European partners such as flight schools and airlines. Time is allotted at the end of this activity for business-to-business meetings with contacts made during the show. Boeing predicts that 122,000 additional pilots will be needed in this region between 2023 and 2041. This represents a significant opportunity for Canadian businesses. With Canada’s competitive advantages including ample airspace, varied geography and climate, we are well-positioned to take advantage of this opportunity. If we consider that each foreign pilot trained in Canada represents approximately $150,000 CAD in revenue to the Canadian economy, capturing even 5% of that market represents $885 Million in economic activity. This project is a positive step in that direction. The United Kingdom and Ireland are promising markets for Canadian pilot training companies as low-cost carriers continue to demand more pilots. The Canadian advantage in pilot training is competitive costs of delivering competency-based training recognized as being in the top three countries worldwide. Transport Canada is working on establishing Canadian ATO’s which will help European regulators consider the option of delivering the EASA License in Canada in partnership with a European ATO. Once this has been achieved, it will open the doors for Canadian flight schools to train student pilots from Europe, seeking opportunities with European airlines requiring EASA Licenses.

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