ATAC Reacts to Financial Aid Package to Air Canada

April 13, 2021. The Air Transport Association of Canada (ATAC) is pleased with yesterday’s announcement that the Federal Government has finalized a financial support agreement with one of the major airlines in Canada, but we are concerned with how this agreement will erode competition throughout the airline industry.

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ATAC Meets with New Transport Minister

March 29. An ATAC delegation met today with Transport Minister Omar Alghabra to discuss the pathway back to air travel in Canada and abroad. The ATAC Chair, Eric Edmondson, lead the discussions which included financial support for Canadian air operators of all sectors of our industry, the importance of regional aviation in Canada’s connectivity, and the easing of travel restrictions, key to the recovery of our industry.

We were pleased with the Minister’s obvious concern and willingness to work with ATAC Members in finding viable solutions to ensure that aviation in Canada can not only struggle through these extremely difficult but also play its necessary and vital role in supporting the national post-pandemic economic recovery.

The Minister agreed to meet again soon with ATAC to continue these constructive discussions.

The delegation consisted of ATAC Directors Eric Edmondson of Pivot Airlines, Eric Scott of Harbour Air, Peter Scheiwiller of North Cariboo Air, Chris Avery of Canadian North, Bob Connors of Waterloo Wellington Flight Centre, and ATAC President John McKenna, Executive Vice President Les Aalders, and Senior Vice President Wayne Gouveia.

Petition to Support Harvey Friesen's Induction into Canada's Aviation Hall of Fame (CAHF)

You are invited to read and sign the petition to support the late Harvey Friesen’s induction into Canada’s Aviation Hall of Fame (CAHF). 

the link below will give you access to the petition. 


Please share this petition with people in your network as we hope to get as many signatures as possible. 

We wish to demonstrate to the CAHF Nominations Review Committee just how much Harvey’s very important contribution to aviation in Canada and in Northern Ontario in particular was appreciated. 

We believe that Harvey Friesen fully deserves to be inducted in Canada’s Aviation Hall of Fame. 

Thank you very much for your support.

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