Urgent Financial Aid Needed by Canada’s Commercial Aviation Sector

The Air Transport Association of Canada (ATAC), representing 75 air operators across Canada and some 85 industry support stakeholders, is asking for the Government to urgently table a financial aid package for the aviation industry. The consequences of the crisis and of measures taken to contain the virus are having a catastrophic impact on our industry.

ATAC air carrier members operate in all sectors of commercial air transport and are vital economic drivers offering essential services at the regional, national and international levels. As key economic enablers, ATAC operators contribute to socio-economic growth throughout all provinces and territories. 

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Face Covering Requirements for Air Travellers

The Government of Canada is asking that all travellers have a removable non-medical mask or face covering large enough to cover their mouth and nose during their travel through Canadian airports and in-flight. 

Travellers must confirm that they have in their possession the mandatory non-medical mask or face covering as part of the registration or check-in process otherwise they will not be allowed to continue on their journey.

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Prime Minister announces health and social support for northern communities

The Prime Minister announced $17.3 million in transfers to the territorial governments to support northern air carriers in providing essential food, medical supplies and other essentials to northern communities. I am told this is not the end of government support for the air sector, but was deemed to be an urgent life-or-death situation for many Canadians that needed an immediate response.


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