ATAC Appeared Before TRAN Committee to Comment on Bill-C-47

ATAC’S President and CEO, John McKenna, appeared before the Senate Standing Committee on Transport and Communications on Tuesday, June 4, to comment Bill-C-97 which allows the creation of a new Designated Screening Authority for airport security to replace CATSA. ATAC supports the replacement or transformation of CATSA if the new entity is given the necessary tools to maximize efficiencies in the short term and be able to keep pace with the growth of our industry, that travelers not incur an increase in costs, and that all concerned parties take the time required to develop a strong, efficient, autonomous, transparent and well governed model.

ATAC Comments on Bill-C-47

ATAC Members Inducted in Canadian Aviation Hall of Fame

ATAC was proud to attend the Canadian Aviation Hall of Fame 46th Annual Induction Dinner held on Thursday, May 16 in Montreal where Barrry Lapointe, Chairman and CEO of KF Aerospace, and James McGregor “Greg” McDougall, CEO of Harbour Air, were both inducted into Canada’s Aviation Hall of Fame. CONGRATULATIONS TO BARRY AND GREG!.

Co-signed letter to party leaders on labour shortage in aviation

National Aviation Associations have jointly signed a letter seeking each parties’ position on the labour shortage in our industry.

Letter to Prime Minister Justin Trudeau

Letter to CPC leader Andrew Scheer

Letter to NDP leader Jagmeet Singh



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