About Us

The Air Transport Association of Canada came into existence as a result of a conference of aircraft operators and aircraft manufacturers held in Ottawa (at the Chateau Laurier Hotel) on November 18, 1934. Forty-one delegates from commercial companies were present, as well as nine representatives from the Civil Aviation Division-which was then under the Department of National Defence, and five members of the National Research Council. The association was called the Commercial Air Transport and Manufacturers' Association of Canada.

At the inception of the Association, and during its first three years of existence, the membership consisted of eighteen with equal representation from operators and manufacturers. In 1937 a permanent staff was appointed and an office was established in Ottawa. In 1939 the total membership was forty-eight.

On November 2, 1942 the name was changed to the Air Industries and Transport Association of Canada and on April 9, 1962, when the industrial members withdrew, the continuing group formed in 1934 was renamed the Air Transport Association of Canada. A number of present member companies trace their history back to that first meeting in Ottawa.

Today, ATAC advances the issues that affect members' bottom lines. We deliver direct value through a set of services, which help shape the development of those issues in the public realm.

ATAC, founded in 1934, serves as Canada's national trade association for commercial aviation and flight training industries as well as aviation industry suppliers.