(Formerly named Honorary Life Member Award)

Whereas the air transport association of canada wishes to honour and pay tribute to the individuals having, during their lifetime, contributed significantly to the improvement of the association and the canadian air transport industry; and

Whereas the association and the industry will be best served by continued association with such distinguished members;

Be it resolved that the board of directors of the air transport association of canada may, from time to time, bestow a lifetime honoree award upon a worthy individual and that the following terms of reference shall be used as guidelines in selecting candidates to be so honoured:

              1.         Individuals shall have been engaged in the canadian air transport industry for a minimum of 25 years.

              2.         Individuals shall have participated actively in the affairs of the air transport association of canada.

              3.         Individuals shall be recognized as having contributed significantly to the development of the association and the industry.

              4.         While there shall be no requirement to issue lifetime honoree awards each year, issue should not exceed two (2) in any given year.


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(Formerly named ATAC Achievers Honour Roll)

 ATAC has established a practice of recognizing the outstanding achievements in our industry.

In keeping with this tradition, ATAC conducted from 2000 to 2003 a series of awards for Canadian flight schools, air taxi and charter operators, which celebrated innovative approaches in the Canadian aviation industry. The awards were selected by a panel of senior industry and government representatives. The Innovation Award recognized companies who demonstrated that they have incorporated best practices for increasing safety and increased product quality, by developing a practice, or strategy that is so innovative it will serve as an example for others to follow and learn from.

 This initiative was replaced with the ATAC Achievers Honour Roll in November 2004.  

In honour of ATAC Board members Al Kapty, Rick Wynott and John Scholefield, who have made many lasting and significant contributions to our industry, the ATAC Achievers Honour Roll was established as a permanent memorial to their achievements and to honour others who may meet their standard in the future.

The ATAC Achievers Honour Roll was renamed the ATAC Outstanding Achievement Award in November 2014.

The ATAC Outstanding Achievement Award will recognize those ATAC members who, through participation in ATAC and other activities, have demonstrated a very high level of service and performance of benefit to aviation in Canada.

Nominations to the ATAC Outstanding Achievement Award can be made by any ATAC member of any ATAC member individual, group or corporation who have contributed positively to aviation in Canada. This is not an annual recognition or event so as to be a very special honour when the ATAC Board decides someone or something is worthy of this recognition.

Nominations to the ATAC Outstanding Achievement Award will close on June 30. The Board of Directors will select the winner at its September meeting.  The ATAC Outstanding Achievement Award Inductees are recognized at ATAC’s Canadian Aviation Conference and Tradeshow

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As a further tribute to Paul Mulrooney, ATAC is pleased to launch a special award. This award will be given every other year (in the even years) to an employee of an Operator Member company who has demonstrated progressive advancement to and within management positions.

Candidates must be sponsored by his or her employer. A Committee will be established by the ATAC Board of Directors which will determine the best candidate from all eligible candidates, having regard to the following criteria.

A candidate should:

  • Have at least 10 years of experience in commercial aviation;
  • Have achieved steady progression up to management positions from their entry level positions;
  • Be employed by an ATAC operator member in good standing;
  • Have demonstrated leadership in team management;
  • Have maintained and demonstrated the highest ethical standards;
  • Have demonstrated the highest industry safety standards;
  • Be willing to act as an ambassador in the promotion of our industry;
  • Be passionate in supporting the pathways through education for youth choosing aviation as a career.

The PMMAE is not a lifetime achievement award. Acting ATAC Directors are not eligible to be candidates for this Award. The intention of ATAC is that one award shall be presented every other year (in the even years) but there is no requirement to select a candidate.

Applications must be submitted no later than May 30th.

Nominations will be held for five years for re-submission subject to the nominator’s approval.

The award will be presented at ATAC’s National Aviation Conference and Tradeshow.

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PMAAE Apprenticeship Grant


ATAC is pleased to announce that nominations are now open for the 4th Jim Glass Humanitarian Award.  This award has been created to celebrate the life, values and extraordinary community involvement of the late Jim Glass, one of the Managing Partners of Transwest Air and past ATAC Director and Chair, who passed away in 2012 following a sporting injury.

This Award will be given to a member of the Canadian aviation community who has demonstrated selfless generosity, compassion, business acumen and best exemplify Jim's values through community involvement.



Any ATAC member or other member of the Canadian aviation community the selection committee deems worthy of this accolade is eligible for this award.

The nominees need to have demonstrated strong business acumen and serious community involvement including but not restricted to the following: furthering education, fostering community health, supporting the arts, promoting literacy, fighting poverty and encouraging amateur sports.


The award, of a non-monetary nature, will be presented by ATAC every other year.


ATAC member company management or personnel may make nominations. Nominees need to be either actively involved in commercial aviation or retired from a career in aviation.  Nominations will be held for five years for resubmission, subject to the nominator's approval. 


Candidates have to be sponsored by an ATAC member. A Selection Committee made up of representatives of the ATAC Board of Directors will select each year's winner among all eligible applicants.

Applications must be submitted no later than June 14, 2019.  The winner, proposed by the Selection Committee, will be approved at the September meeting of the ATAC Board of Directors.  The award will be presented during ATAC's Canadian Aviation Conference and Tradeshow in Montreal.

Please submit nominations and an explanation as to why the candidate(s) is (are) deserving of this award to Danielle Lavoie at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .  

Listing of the Jim Glass Humanitarian Award Recipients