PMMAE Apprenticeship Grant

The grant is awarded to the member company whose employee has won the PMMAE. As one of the mandates of the winner of the PMMAE is to “be passionate in supporting the pathways through education for youth choosing aviation as a career”, ATAC feels that it is only fitting that the winner supervise an apprenticeship financially supported by the Apprenticeship Grant.

The grant money is allocated to the member company employer of the PMMAE winner, not to the apprentice.

Should there not be a winner in a given year the Apprenticeship Grant will be awarded to an ATAC member company as decided by the Board of Directors.

The purpose of the Apprenticeship Grant is to financially support the internship of an employee who meets the following conditions:

  • Has less than two years experience in the aviation industry;
  • Works in one of the following departments: fueling, maintenance, dispatch, administration & finance, cabin crews, and customer services.

The member carrier being awarded the Apprenticeship Grant is expected to file a report with ATAC once the internship has been completed which will contain the following information:

  • The name of the intern;
  • The nature of the internship;
  • The period of internship.

The winner of the PMMAE will present a brief report at the ATAC AGM on the internship and will participate in the awarding of the following year’s award.

Past Recipients

2016 - Sunwing Airlines

The recipient of the 2016 Paul Mulrooney Memorial Award of Excellence Apprenticeship (PMMAE) Grant is Ross Kenyon.

Ross is an Aviation Management student at Georgian College in Barrie, ON. Ross Joined Sunwing Airlines - Safety Department in September 2017 for an 8-month paid cooperative education placement. In his role as Safety Coordinator, Ross was actively involved in the day to day administration and management of SMS processes in all areas of the operation (Flight, Maintenance, Cabin and Ramp).

We believe the PMMAE Grant has provided Ross with an opportunity to gain valuable experience in airline operations and help him in the pursuit of something that he is very passionate about – aviation!

John Kane, Senior Director, Safety

2014 – Harbour Air Group / AISL
The recipient of the 2014 Paul Mulrooney Memorial Award of Excellence Apprenticeship Grant is Brittany Mayo.
Brittany’s dedication and determination to her field is unsurpassed and we are proud to have Brittany listed as the award winner for 2014.
Brittany is two years into the AME program and has another 6 months to completion.
The Paul Mulrooney Memorial Award of Excellence Apprenticeship Grant has assisted in making her dream come true and it has allowed Harbour Air to retain a very talented member of our team.

Chad Wetsch - Executive Vice President, Harbour Air Group

2012 - Moncton Flight College

Moncton Flight College selected Devan Aresenault as the recipient of the 2012 Paul Mulrooney Memorial Award of Excellence Apprenticeship Grant.

Devan first popped on management’s radar when he enrolled as a student in the Integrated ATP Program. Throughout his program, he met every challenge with great ambition and in short order joined our team as a dispatcher. Devan played a key role in the Operational Control function and showed early on that he had the tools required to become a great leader.

Devan continued to define his role at MFC by enrolling in our Class 4 Instructor Program and went on to finish in the top of his class. Receiving this Apprenticeship Grant allowed Devan to focus on his studies versus the other outside distractions. As expected, Devan excelled as an instructor; in short order he was recognized by MFC management in partnership with Provincial Airlines and was awarded Provincial Airlines Shining Star Award for 2013.

Devan served MFC very well in the day to day management of his various roles and student management. Devan has once again taken the next step with great ambition and now works for Provincial Airlines as a First Officer on the King Air 350.

Chris Walsh – Director of Quality and Safety

2011 - Transwest Air

The recipient of the 2011 Paul Mulrooney Memorial Award of Excellence Apprenticeship Grant is Stephan Kopchynski.

Stephan has currently written two out of the three required AME exams. He will write his last exam by the end of February 2013. Stephan has been instrumental in helping Transwest Air obtain various STCs and C of A approvals for recent aircraft imports and modifications.

The Paul Mulrooney Memorial Award of Excellence Apprenticeship Grant has aided Stephan in achieving his personal goal of becoming an AME. This has helped keep another “home grown” Saskatchewanian in the province!

Heather McGonigal, Director of Flight Operations – Fixed Wing, Transwest Air

2010 - Bearskin Airlines

"Justin Emberley and James Doggett were the two candidates for our training bursary in the 2011 year.  They are now finished their apprenticeships and are arranging to write their exams.  The program is a  4 year AME apprenticeship program.  During the 4 years the apprentice attends 4 semesters, each being  8 weeks in duration.  In the time they are not at school they are at work with the company.  They continue to be employed by Bearskin Airlines and we are very happy to have them!"

Brad Martin, Vice President of Operations, Bearskin Airlines