ATAC Lifetime Honorees

ATAC Lifetime Honoree is the Association's highest award. It is awarded to individuals who, during their lifetime, contributed significantly to the improvement of the Association and the Canadian air transport industry as a whole.

List of ATAC Lifetime Honorees

2019 Mark Willams
President, Sunwing Airlines

2018 Joseph Sparling
President, Air North

2017 Ken Lett
President, Executive Flight Centre

2016 Jim Rogers
President, Flair Airlines

2016 Debbie Simpson
Corporate Secretary, Air Transport Association of Canada

2015 Joan Williams (Deceased)
Chair of the Board, Ottawa Aviation Services

2014 D. Bruce MacDougall
Partner, Paterson, MacDougall LLP

2013 Robert Deluce
President and CEO, Porter Airlines

2012 Patricia Kennedy
Chief Executive Officer, Pacific Flying Club

2011 Harvey J. Friesen (Deceased)
President, Bearskin Airlines

2010 Bob Davis
Board of Director, NAV CANADA

2010 Tracy Medve
President, Canadian North

2009 Jim Glass (Deceased)
Managing Partner, Transwest Air

2008 No Nominations

2007 Peter Wallis
President & CEO, The Van Horne Institute

2007 Len Routledge (Deceased)
Former President & CEO, Toronto Helicopters Ltd

2006 No Nominations

2005 Russell Payson
Chairman & CEO, Skyservice

2005 Sandy Morrison
Retired Former Chairman, NAV CANADA Board of Directors

2004 Rick Wynott (Deceased)
Director of Flight Operations, Brampton Flying Club

2004 John Scholefield (Deceased)
President, Laurentide Aviation Limited

2003 Douglas Port
Retired Senior Vice President, Customer Service, Air Canada

2002 No Nominations

2001 Darrel G. Smith
Retired Vice President, Airline Operations, Air BC

2001 John W. Crichton
President & Chief Executive Officer, NAV CANADA

2001 Dennis Cooper
Chief Executive Officer, Sky Wings Aviation Academy

2000 Barry Lapointe
President, Kelowna Flightcraft Ltd.

1999 Harry Steele
Chairman and Chief Executive Officer, Newfoundland Capital Corporation Limited

1999 C.A.L. Morberg (Deceased)
President, Calm Air International

1998 No Nominations

1997 Jean-Jacques Bourgeault
Senior Executive Vice-President, Air Canada

1996 No Nominations

1995 T.A. (Al) Kapty (Deceased)
General Manager, Trans North Helicopters

1994 Alf Stringer (Deceased)
Retired President, Vancouver Island Helicopters Ltd.

1994 Charles H. Simpson
Retired Executive Vice President, Operations, Air Canada

1993 Floyd R. Glass (Deceased)
President, Athabaska Airways Ltd.

1993 Richard H. Barton (Deceased)
Retired Executive Vice President, Canadian Regional Airlines

1992 George D. Curley (Deceased)
Retired Chairman of the Board, Wardair Inc.

1991 Robert A. Pincott (Deceased)
Reed Stenhouse Limited

1991 E. Patrick Callison (Deceased)
Founder, Klondike Helicopters

1990 No Nominations

1989 Donald S. McClure (Deceased)
Moncton Flight Centre

1988 Stanley M. Deluce (Deceased)
Chairman of the Board, Air Ontario

1988 Pierre J. Jeanniot
President & Chief Executive Officer, Air Canada

1987 Rhys Eyton
Chairman & Chief Executive Officer, Canadian Airlines International Ltd.

1987 Len Sambell (Deceased)
Retired Vice President, Pacific Western Airlines

1986 W.R. (Stubb) Ross (Deceased)
Honorary Chairman, Time Air (1982) Ltd.

1985 A.C. (Angus) Morrison (Deceased)
President & CEO, Air Transport Association of Canada

1984 T.L. (Tom) Spalding (Deceased)
Executive Vice President, Wardair International Ltd.

1983 Ian Gray (Deceased)
Retired President, CP Air

1983 Robert Wong (Deceased)
Consultant, Central Airways Corp.

1982 Dave Jacox (Deceased)
Vice President, Pacific Western Airlines

1981 Claude Taylor (Deceased)
President & Chief Executive Officer, Air Canada

1980 Harry Pickard (Deceased)
Retired Executive Vice President & Secretary, ATAC

1980 Jack Scholefield (Deceased)
President, Laurentide Aviation Limited

1979 H.D. (Don) Cameron (Deceased)
Senior Vice President, Administration & Public Affairs, CP Air

1979 J.H. (Red) Lymburner (Deceased)

1978 Max Ward (Deceased)
President, Wardair Canada (1975) Limited

1978 Jack Fleming (Deceased)
President, Dominion Pegasus Helicopters

1977 R.G. (Rollie) Lefrançois (Deceased)
Chairman of the Board, Nordair Limited

1977 Al Smith (Deceased)
President, Smith Airways Limited

1976 D.N. (Don) Watson (Deceased)
Retired President, Pacific Western Airlines

1975 No Nominations

1974 No Nominations

1973 Glenn McPherson (Deceased)
President, Okanagan Helicopters

1973 Al Michaud (Deceased)
President, West Coast Air Services

1972 No Nominations

1971 Jimmy Wells (Deceased)
Retired ATAC Council

1970 No Nominations

1969 R.W. (Dick) Ryan (Deceased)
Vice President, Canadian Pacific Airlines

1968 Tommy Fox (Deceased)
President, Associated Airways Limited

1968 Capt. Carl Burke (Deceased)
President, Maritime Central Airways

1967 Jack Austin (Deceased)
President, Austin Airways

1967 Tom Wheeler (Deceased)
President, Wheeler Airlines