Wayne Gouveia


Wayne Gouveia
Senior Vice President



Wayne has over 17 years working in the Aviation sector in various management roles, including 14 years as an ATAC Vice President.

Wayne is a graduate of McMaster University (Hon. BA) and has obtained commercial multi engine and IFR ratings from Moncton Flight Centre and Perimeter Aviation, and successfully completed the ATPL Professional Pilot Program from City of London Polytechnic UK, for the CAA Commercial Pilot License.

Wayne has owned his own business and is passionate in supporting the aviation industry. He has held many positions in support of the industry including past vice-chair of the Canadian Aviation World Skills Executive Committee, Government of Canada advisory committees, ICAO Canadian delegation participant, and industry delegate on several college advisory boards.

Wayne has been a presenter and has been a speaker at several international aviation events, including the Shenzhen Aviation Transport Association Conference (Shenzhen), World Airline Transport Symposium (Orlando), the Labelmaster Annual Dangerous Good conference (Chicago) and World Skills Competition (Helsinki)



  • Security/Facilitation
  • Airports
  • Cargo
  • Environmental Affairs
  • Special Projects
  • Industry Monetary Affairs
  • Dangerous goods
  • Legal
  • CTA Regulations
  • AIF & PFF Programs