President's Message

John McKenna

When forty-one delegates from various commercial companies gathered at Ottawa's Chateau Laurier in November 1934, they recognized that the emerging aviation industry in Canada required a focus on excellence and innovation to promote the growth of the industry and its acceptance amongst Canadians.  So was born our forerunner organization; the Commercial Air Transport and Manufacturers' Association of Canada.

Since then the Air Transport Association of Canada has grown into a vibrant organization of over 200 members representing large commercial airlines, independent regional operators, flight schools and a number of other aviation stakeholders.

ATAC delivers value for its members by pursuing a regulatory framework that promotes the highest standards in safety and innovation.  Through our work on various government and airport consultative bodies, we work daily to ensure that our members' voices are heard - and the practicalities of their businesses are respected - by our regulators. 

ATAC also routinely appears before various Parliamentary bodies in Ottawa to address pending legislation and regulation.  More broadly, we meet with public policy makers and communicate with the national media to ensure that our members' views are never far from the minds of Canada's opinion leaders.

ATAC is focused on ensuring that Canadians, generally and their elected leaders, specifically, do not lose sight of the need for fostering the very same entrepreneurial spirit which first gave rise to our industry.  ATAC works daily to pursue policies and opportunities which support a robust economic climate for the Canadian commercial aviation industry.  Governments and regulatory authorities at all levels must be vigilant to limit the cost pressures on our industry to ensure that Canadians continue to receive the tremendous value for money that today's commercial aviation sector provides to passengers and cargo, alike.

Ultimately, we belong to and derive strength from our members.  ATAC needs your active participation to help ensure that our messages are heard and acted upon.


John McKenna
President & C.E.O.