Code of ethics

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For the purpose of this document, the word “Member” includes Members, Industry Partners, Foreign Operator Industry Partners and Affiliates.


Members must comply with the require­ments, rules, and regula­tions govern­ing their operations as prescribed by government autho­rities such as Transport Canada and the Canadian Transportation Agency (CTA), and additionally must comply with the require­ments of ATAC to maintain their membership in good standing.


ATAC Mem­bers and Foreign Operator Industry Partners offer services to the public for remuneration and Industry Partners offer services to ATAC Members. In so doing, Members must not only meet technical and opera­tional requirements but comply with the highest ethical standards, since their conduct affects the public interest and the reputation of the air transport industry.


This Code of Ethics is not intended to restrain trade or free enter­­prise in any way, but to establish minimum standards to enhance and pro­tect the reputation and good name of the Canadian commercial air transport in­dustry over and above the pro­tection already inherent in industry's compliance with appli­­cable opera­tional, tech­ni­cal, insurance and other require­­ments provided for in govern­mental regulations.


Business Standards

Members shall maintain busi­ness standards which match the high technical require­ments of the air tran­sport industry. While recog­nizing that it is impos­sible to enumerate all the atti­tudes and factors which com­prise good business ethics, Mem­bers recognize cer­tain areas in which positive prin­ciples do apply.


  1. (a)Advertising


                 Advertising shall be truthful and shall accu­rately represent the services offered.


        (b)    Financial


                 Since financial stability is the hallmark of a leading com­pany in any industry, ATAC Members will exert every effort to antici­pate their financial obligations and to meet them promptly when due.

        (c)     Sales

                 ATAC Members will present a truthful representation of the equipment or service being offered.


        (d)  Anti-Competitive Behaviour

ATAC Members shall comply with Competition Law requirements as well as ATAC’s Competition Law Compliance Guidelines.



ATAC recognizes that it has no legal right to enforce the minimum standards outlined above, including the technical standards which have already been formally established by existing Transport Canada/CTA regulations.


The Association has every right to limit its Member­ship to those who agree with its objectives.


When a person, partner­ship, or corporation applies for Member­­ship in ATAC, it is assumed the applicant accepts the Association's standards, in­cluding compliance with all applicable Transport Canada and CTA regulations. At some later date, should a Member act in a manner which is incon­sistent with this Code, a review of Membership pri­vi­leges may be in order.

The ATAC Board of Directors is hereby estab­lished as a Review Board in the event violations arise. The Chairman of the ATAC Board shall act as the Chairman of the Review Board.

In the event of a complaint against a Member, the complainant must pre­sent to the Review Board tangible evidence of viola­tion. The Member shall have a full opportunity to review the charges and respond to the complaint.

The Board's decision shall be final with regard to whether a violation has occurred and to take disciplinary action in the event of a finding that a violation has occurred. That action may range from issuing a warning to revok­ing the violator's Membership in ATAC.

Amended October 2015