Learning to Fly Helicopters in Canada

For students interested in learning to fly helicopters in Canada, please visit the Helicopter Association of Canada. The cost of helicopter flight training will vary widely depending on the type of helicopter used. Piston-powered helicopters (i.e. Robinson 22, Hughes 300, 269 or Bell 47) are generally less costly to operate than turbine-powered helicopters (i.e. Bell 206 or McDonnell Douglas 500). Training towards a private helicopter licence is widely available at a cost of $14,000 - $35,000 CDN. On an average, students training to fly commercially can expect to spend a total of $35,000 - $70,000 CDN., depending on the type of aircraft being used. Commercial courses can generally be completed in 12-25 weeks.

Frequently, advanced training is also available for students who are interested in becoming flight instructors or IFR helicopter pilots. Additional training is required to operate helicopters at night. Please contact operators directly for details relating to cost.

Recognition of Canadian Licences by International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) Contracting States

The reality of complete interchangeability of flight crew licences between Contracting States has not yet been achieved; however, the holder of a valid Canadian flight crew licence would normally be eligible for recognition of experience for an equivalent licence from an ICAO Contracting State. Additional training, written examinations and flight testing may be required to obtain an equivalent foreign licensing document. Annex I to the ICAO Convention, "Personnel Licensing", contains the International Standards and Recommended Practices with respect to age, knowledge, experience etc. for all licences. Canada is a Contracting State and Canadian licensing standards are, in most respects, in accordance with ICAO Standards and Recommended Practices.