Member Benefits

ATAC is the voice for the aviation industry in Canada, with approximately 180 active members.

ATAC delivers value for members by pursuing a regulatory framework that promotes the highest standards in safety and innovation. Through our work on various government and airport consultative bodies, we work daily to ensure that our members' voices are heard. We appear routinely before various Parliamentary bodies to address pending legislation and regulation. We also ensure that the national media are aware of our members' views.

Here are a few examples of our activities:

  • Contact lobbying (i.e. Passenger Rights Legislation)
  • Content lobbying (i.e. Canadian Aviation Regulation Advisory Committee (CARAC), Advisory Group on Aviation Security (AGAS))
  • Education/Intelligence (i.e. SMS Toolkit and Workshops)
  • Benefit programs (i.e. Nacora Program Group Benefits)
  • Marketing opportunity (i.e. Tradeshow)
  • Industry Spokesman (i.e. Olympic Aviation Security)
  • Urgent Member Assistance (i.e. Interpretation of Regulations)
  • Regulatory Monitoring (i.e. Safety Management System (SMS), Potable Water)
  • Industry Advocacy (i.e. Greenhouse Gas Emissions)
  • International Marketing (i.e. International Business Development for Flight Training, and Maintenance, Repair and Overhaul)
  • Partnerships (i.e. Canadian Council for Aerospace in the development of National Occupational Standards)

Ultimately, we belong to and derive strength from our members. ATAC needs your active participation to help ensure that our message is heard and acted upon.

ATAC advances the issues that affect members’ bottom lines. We deliver direct value through a set of services, which help shape the development of those issues in the public realm.

ATAC provides services, which directly contribute to members' bottom lines:

  • lead international trade shows to develop business opportunities for ATAC MRO members;
  • manage the AIF program for key airports and member carriers;
  • lead industry representation at CARAC and other government consultation forums;
  • develop policy papers, speeches, Parliamentary presentations and issue-specific research reports;
  • organize meetings with key government officials & advisors and participate in official events (trade missions);
  • allows ATAC members to benefit from a significant sphere of influence and contacts across Canada and the U.S.;
  • offer members access to ATAC’s very important network with regulators;
  • organize annual meetings which spotlight key industry issues and encourage member networking with key government officials;
  • organize quarterly members communications call in addition to committee calls;
  • provide the official representative with a free subscription to WINGS magazine;
  • provide robust committees driven by members and supported by staff, which identify issues of common concern. A list of our committees include:
  • Accessible Transportation
  • Cabin Operations
  • Cargo
  • Dangerous Goods
  • Environmental Affairs
  • Facilitation
  • Flight Operations
  • Flight Training
  • Industry and Monetary Affairs
  • Legal
  • Maintenance, Repair and Overhaul
  • Regional Operations
  • Safety Advisory
  • Security
  • Tax
  • Technical Operations

Aviation Educational Institutions Benefits

  • ATAC represents the majority of professional flight training institutions in Canada. Whether you are a flying club, a flight school or college, ATAC provides a range of services to assist your business.
  • Daily monitoring of sensitive and timely safety critical information.
  • All the above services create a positive business profile for ATAC members that is received favourably by the insurance and financial community at large and with specific benefits provided to ATAC members.
  • ATAC markets and promotes its members nationally and internationally, receiving inquiries daily from people interested in learning to fly.
  • On a daily basis, ATAC lobbies various government agencies on a range of issues such as licensing and training standards, tax issues and labour law. Providing assistance to members on these issues on a timely basis gives ATAC members a business edge. 

Industry Partner Benefits

  • Opportunity to provide input on the industry’s position or reaction to an issue or event.
  • Having access to the member’s only information on our website on various topics of interest to commercial aviation
  • Being up-to-date on industry information
  • Participation in committees – this not only gives you exposure to future customers but provides up to date indications of where Transport Canada is headed in areas that may affect operators and thus your business
  • Having the ability to use ATAC officers’ knowledge and contacts to deal with problems you may have in our regulatory and legislative environment
  • Ability to have news blasts, related to your particular business, distributed to our Members.
  • Offers unique networking opportunities

Affiliate Benefits

Affiliates are other associations whose functions are associated with aviation.

  • Being an Affiliate helps to strengthen ties in the commercial aviation industry.
  • Members of Affiliated Associations are eligible to attend ATAC events at the member rate for the event.
  • Each Affiliated Association will provide one no charge registration (except perhaps for the banquet charge) at the Annual General Meeting for a senior representative of other Affiliated Association.
  • A senior representative of each Affiliated Association is eligible to participate as an observer in committees.
  • Members of Affiliated Associations may have privileged access to:
    • The ATAC Employee Benefits Program;

Affiliates shall pay no dues.