Professional Flight Training Exhibition Dublin Ireland

“The Professional Flight Training Exhibition (PFTE) fulfills the demand to provide pilot career information and is the perfect environment to generate new business, make new contacts and promote your business directly to the next generation of cadet pilots, who are passionate and focused about a career as a professional pilot, or in aviation.

If ATAC member companies are committed to participating in the PFTE Ireland March 2015 then a modification request is required through ATAC with the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade Development (DFATD) Global Opportunities for Association (GOA) program, to allocate approved funds for the mission to the UK for the fiscal year ending March 31,2015.

The GOA funds will support 50% of the cost for:

1.Canadian Flight Training booth at the PFTE show,


3.accommodation and per diem and

4.ground transportation

The mission funding support travel for up to 5 days in the UK. Additional meetings can be added before and after the PFTE and could target visits with the regulator and major flight school facilities in the UK depending on the goals of the participants.

Please advise me if you are interested in the mission as soon as possible at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Details for the 2015 PFTE linked here