ATAC Holds a Special Meeting of Members

ATAC is happy to announce that a Special Meeting of Members was held on Tuesday, June 28, to submit changes to our By-Laws in reference to the length of the terms of Industry Partner nominees on the ATAC Board.

Currently, persons nominated by Industry Partners for appointment to the ATAC Board of Directors are limited to a one-year term, as stipulated by the Canada Not-For-Profit Act. The ATAC Board of Directors recommended that Industry Partner nominees be elected to the Board rather than appointed, which would permit them to serve for three years.

Industry Partner nominees would be listed on the slate, along with Member nominees, to be voted on by the Members at the Annual Meeting. The mandates of the two nominees elected to the Board at the 2016 Annual Meeting would be staggered so that their terms don’t end on the same year.

The approved By-Law changes will be formally acted upon at this year’s Annual Meeting. The terms of the current Industry Partners appointed to the Board last year will end this November and both Directors would be eligible to run again.

The nomination process for all Board nominees will begin in August.