Ban on "Explosive Bear Bangers" on board aircraft by aviation security challenged by ATAC DG Committee

Transport Canada Aviation Security has rescinded Security Notice R/R - 009 which effectively banned "Bear Bangers" onboard aircraft in Canada. Bear bangers make a loud gunshot style noise to scare away bears when fired into the air. Bear bangers are often used by hunters to protect themselves from bear encounters and are often used in the north.

ATAC is a certificate holder of "equivalency certificate SA 6651" which is issued by the Transport of Dangerous Goods Directorate (TDG) "authorizing the air operator members of ATAC to handle, offer for transport or transport, by aircraft, dangerous goods, in the case of UN0312, cartridges, signal, class 1.4G, Packing Group ll, (animal deterrent such as Bear Bangers) subject to certain conditions of carriage".

With the help of ATAC the Transport Canada departments of Aviation Security and TDG have communicated leading to new language being released allowing the transport of "Explosives-Bear Bangers" in harmony with the TDG SA6651 (Ren7) Equivalency Certificate" which is currently in effect until 2019-11-30.

Security Notice R/R - 009 on the carriage on "Explosive - Bear Banger" transported by air carriers