Announcement of Canada’s Action Plan to Reduce Greenhouse Gas Emissions from Aviation


Ottawa - ATAC President and CEO, Mr. John McKenna and Executive Vice President, Mr. Les Aalders were present at the announcement of Canada's Action Plan to Reduce Greenhouse Gas Emission from Aviation made by the Honourable Steven Fletcher, Minister of State (Transport) and the Honourable Peter Kent, Minister of the Environment.


Here is an extract of the speech delivered by Mr. McKenna:


"Good morning,

Since 2005, ATAC and its members have demonstrated a strong commitment to socially responsible and economically sustainable Greenhouse Gas Emissions reduction targets.


The Memorandum of Understanding ATAC signed with Transport Canada seven years ago was a groundbreaking initiative, a worldwide first.


Depuis la signature du Mémorandum, non seulement les membres de l'ATAC ont-ils atteint les objectifs de réduction des émissions des gaz à effet de serre mais les ont dépassés années après années. Ceci démontre sans l'ombre d'un doute que notre industrie fait preuve de leadership, de responsabilité sociale et d'imagination dans ses initiatives.


Our participation in initiating this MOU and our record at repeatedly exceeding the set targets show that our industry needn't be forced to engage in environmentally responsible practices. This clearly demonstrates that not only do we understand the importance of reducing our carbon footprint but that the aviation and aerospace industries were innovators of their own accord and showed leadership and innovative thinking.


ATAC and its members look forward to continuing to work cooperatively with our government and industry partners on this environmentally and socially responsible stewardship.


C'est avec conviction que nous allons continuer à travailler avec tous nos partenaires par souci réel et profond de responsabilité sociale et environnementale."


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