ATAC Hosts ICAO Air Navigation Commissioners

ICAO Air Navigation Commissioners

On June 28th ATAC was very pleased to host a meeting in downtown Ottawa for International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) Air Navigation Commissioners, Canadian aviation industry associations (ATAC, COPA, HAC and AIAC) and other representatives from ICAO, the European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA), and the International Coordinating Council for Aerospace Industries Associations (ICCAIA). Following welcome remarks by John McKenna and introductions, an open dialogue took place on the following issues of interest to ICAO and Canadian industry:

  • SMS Implementation including Safety Data Protection
  • Flight Data Monitoring Programs
  • Fatigue Risk Management/Flight & Duty Times
  • International Recognition of Pilot Training & Licensing
  • Flight Crew and Maintenance Personnel Shortages
  • Performance Based Navigation (PBN) Implementation (including SIDS/STARS phraseology)
  • Flight Data and Voice Recorders
  • Aerodrome Standards

This presented a unique opportunity for ATAC to voice the concerns and issues of our members to the international aviation regulatory standard setting body.