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Preparing for the Pay Equity Act

Updated: Sep 15, 2020

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Canada’s Pay Equity Act aims to provide employees in predominantly female job classes equal compensation for work of equal value performed by their predominantly male counterparts. This new act requires federally regulated employers with ten or more employees to proactively develop a pay equity plan for their organizations and update that plan every five years.

On March 10, ATAC had the pleasure of meeting with the federal pay equity commissioner. During this meeting, ATAC drew the commissioner’s attention to the air transport industry and the many varied types of companies that make our industry vital and distinct. While ATAC and the aviation industry strongly support the concept of pay equity, the application of this new legislation must be carefully managed, with respect for companies of all sizes that will be affected.

Of primary concern is that the commissioner’s office fulfills its mandate to assist federally regulated employers as they comply with this regulation. On that subject, ATAC was encouraged to learn that plans are in progress to develop a software tool that will assist employers develop their pay equity plans. This is a significant and positive step on the road to a successful deployment of this legislation.

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