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CTA - Accessible Transportation Planning and Reporting Regulations (ATPRR)

The Canadian Transportation Agency’s (CTA) has published the new Accessible Transportation Planning and Reporting Regulations (ATPRR) in Gazette Part II (and are now in force.

CG Part II - December 22 - SOR-DOR 2021-243 - ATPRR
Download PDF • 4.84MB

The CTA has developed a dedicated webpage which contains all information related to the ATPRR, including plain language summaries, FAQs, and guidance material.

For more information and direct your questions to:

Sonia Gangopadhyay

Director/Directrice - Centre of Expertise for Accessible Transportation/ Centre d'expertise sur les transports accessibles

Office des transports du Canada/Canadian Transportation Agency

15, rue Eddy/15 Eddy Street

Gatineau, QC, K1A 0N9


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