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ATAC Announces the Departure of Darren Buss

ATAC President and CEO John McKenna wishes to inform the ATAC Membership that Vice President Darren Buss has recently announced that he will be leaving ATAC in order to accept a new challenge at Transport Canada.

Darren joined ATAC almost three years ago and in that relatively short time has managed to make a significant contribution to the work ATAC does, particularly in the area of Flight Training. He distinguished himself by the high quality of his work and will leave a lasting imprint on ATAC’s effort to serve its members, namely by his presentation to the House of Commons’ Standing Committee on Transport, Infrastructure and Communities in support of flight training in Canada, the founding of the National Flight Training Study in cooperation with Seneca College, and initiating the tradition of “InfoShare” at our annual conferences where flight schools can confidentially share safety-related experiences and best practices with their peers. Most recently, as COVID-19 brought our industry to a standstill, Darren was responsible for a manual of suggested policies and procedures for flight training during the pandemic that received widespread adoption and praise from both flight schools and regulators. He was also responsible for the important task of modernizing our web site, which will be released in the coming weeks.

ATAC respects Darren’s decision to accept a new challenge and we wish him the very best success in his new endeavour. Darren’s last day at ATAC will be on Friday, September 18.

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