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ATAC celebrates new benefits of Canada – EU Bilateral Aviation Safety Agreement (BASA) amendment

ATAC has been long seeking changes to the Canada-EU BASA that would enable certain important practical improvements for aviation maintenance to the agreement. These sought after improvements became reality when Canada and the EU ratified the revised BASA on June 12, 2024. With this revision of the bilateral, Canadian operators and maintenance organizations will have more streamlined processes enabled including allowing mutual acceptance of component work by EASA repair stations regardless of where they are located, i.e. in Europe or anywhere else worldwide. ATAC will continue to advocate for similar mutual acceptance between Canada and the EU via TCCA and EASA, for other maintenance activities. Likewise, in a similar vein ATAC will continue our efforts for mutual acceptance of FAA Repair Stations outside of the US.

AC 571-024, Issue 06 was signed June 14, 2024, in support of the changes included within this BASA revision. Of particular interest please note that the updated AC 571-024 now references the revised BASA with the EU in paragraph 5.3, which also now clearly indicates that an EASA Form 1 (without a dual release) is now acceptable in Canada.

The applicable Maintenance Annex Guidance (MAG) is expected to be published by the end of June or early July 2024.

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