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National Air Accessibility Summit – Making Air Travel Accessible to All Canadians

On May 9, ATAC was invited to attend the National Air Accessibility Summit in Ottawa hosted by the Accessibility Team at Transport Canada. This was an all stakeholder meeting with the goal of sharing firsthand experience of navigating air services with different accessibility needs. The Honorable Pablo Rodriguez and the Honorable Kama Khera opened the meeting. The aviation industry was invited to talk about the proactive measures taken by airlines and airports to improve the passenger experience.

Minister Rodriguez emphasized the goal of shared collaboration between the industry and accessibility community. The government representatives highlighted pertinent legislations such as the Accessible Canada Act, Canada Transportation Act, the Accessible Transportation for Persons with Disabilities and Bill C-52. ATAC is committed to breaking down barriers to accessibility in Canada and Internationally and emphasizes the importance of the need for government investment in infrastructure particularly in Northern and remote airports.

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