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To support our members in their commitment to a safe, world-leading and sustainable Canadian air transport industry.

  • Promote safe, reliable, efficient and affordable air transportation of people and goods to the benefit of the Canadian society.

  • Engage with relevant Government and regulatory authorities to advance Canadian commercial aviation and facilitate sustainable air transport.

  • Advocate for government recognition of commercial aviation as a vital Canadian socio-economic driver.

  • Promote the availability of world class flight training in Canada, domestically and internationally.

  • Promote and support sound environmentally responsible operations and policies.

  • Promote and support a regulatory framework that recognizes enterprise and imagination in providing safe and competitive air transport services.

  • Provide excellent and cost-effective services to our members.

  • Promote professional operational standards and business practices by the membership.

  • Inform and engage the public and other stakeholders about the industry and its views.

  • Communicate matters of interest to our members in a timely manner.


  • Industry representation in all COVID19 related issues with government authorities

  • Active communication with members on COVID-19 on government directives

  • Contact lobbying

  • Content lobbying

  • Regulatory & legislative Monitoring

  • Education & Intelligence sharing

  • Benefit programs for members

  • Annual Canadian Aviation Conference and Tradeshow

  • Industry Spokesman

  • Urgent Member Assistance

  • Industry Advocacy

  • International Marketing for Flight Training and Maintenance, Repair and Overhaul.

  • Partnerships with key industry stakeholder organizations.

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