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ATAC Supports Growing Concerns on Proposed Changes to APPR Regulations

Updated: Apr 24

At the beginning of March ATAC met with France Pégeot, Chair and CEO of CTA and her senior management team to discuss the inevitable effects of new proposed regulations on the regional network of ATAC airlines. In addition, the issue of shared responsibility was front and centre of discussions as the air operators appear to be targeted to shoulder the cost of supporting proposed regulations and this will not only impact costs of travel to the public but will limit service.


On the issue of Air Travel Accessibility, ATAC informed the CTA that despite our best efforts to ensure a positive and safe experience for all passengers including those with disabilities, the Federal Government must financially support operations with challenging operating environment. This would help reduce barriers to air travel and ensure safety for passengers and staff managing the situation without appropriate infrastructure. ATAC recently met with IATA to discuss collaboration on the APPR along with the member airlines at NACC.

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