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Flight Plan to Net Zero Update

ATAC continues to advocate on behalf of its members for a safe and realistic “flight plan” to achieve greenhouse gas emissions reductions in line with the industry’s goal of Net Zero emissions by 2050. However, the federal government’s target deadline of major reductions of emissions by 2030 through the use of 10% of Sustainable Aviation Fuels (SAF) is approaching very quickly without the necessary infrastructure in place in Canada. ATAC is strongly advocating for the Canadian and provincial governments to step up NOW with significant incentives for the production of SAF in Canada in order to make these emissions reductions feasible. Although the path to Net Zero is definitely an “ultra long haul” journey, it is clear that infrastructure is a basic building block to help make this happen. Given that Canada with its massive and isolated geography, must undertake investment in this viable solution to enable commercial aviation to continue to support the needs of Canadians now and for the future, we need to see firm government commitments for production of SAF in Canada NOW.

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