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Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) Caps Student Study Permit

Updated: Apr 24

The IRCC cap on student study permits has serious implications for the attractiveness of Canada as a destination for aviation training. The aviation industry is being restricted under the one size fits all rules of all learning institutions. This rule will damage relationships with foreign markets and reduce the likelihood of international students choosing Canada as their number one destination.


In some cases, the IRCC reasoning for Student Visa Caps does not apply to the flight training industry and therefore our industry needs to be considered for exemptions to these caps. For example, on the issue of housing stocks, most FTUs that accept foreign students have their own accommodations which do not affect housing shortages in their communities. In addition, foreign students are an economic enabler for many communities that the FTUs are located in. Canada is one of the only countries that provides the opportunity for foreign students to be employed as pilot instructors as long as the student work permit is equal to the time spent in country for training.


These recent graduate pilots help fill the gaps in the shortage of instructors in Canada while gaining experience. Not to mention that while foreign student pilots are being trained, valuable flying time and experience is being logged by Canadian Instructors in the right seat, who may join our airlines with the requisite licenses, ratings and experience. The metrics that IRCC is using in capping permits in the provinces are inappropriate and limiting to the aviation industry and further exasperates the shortages of new pilots we are experiencing at all levels in Canada. ATAC is planning to meet with the minister to discuss these issues in person and seek exemptions for aviation training.

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