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Founded in 1934, the Air Transport Association of Canada (ATAC) serves as Canada's national trade association for the commercial aviation and flight training industries, as well as aviation industry product and service suppliers. Our membership is comprised of companies engaged in commercial aviation all across the country, including many flight training schools that together deliver the training that leads to most of the commercial pilot licences issued in Canada.

People are the foundation of ATAC, and we are committed to our membership above all else. The membership elects a board of directors to represent each industry segment and direct the actions of the Association. The Board of Directors is overseen by a Chair Person, who is appointed by the Board. 

The Air Transport Association of Canada was born out of a conference of aircraft operators and manufacturers held at the Château Laurier Hotel in Ottawa on November 18, 1934. ​Forty-one delegates from industry were present, as well as nine representatives from the Government's Civil Aviation Division, which was then under the Department of National Defence, and five members of the National Research Council. The association was called the Commercial Air Transport and Manufacturers' Association of Canada. Several of our current member companies can trace their membership back to this first meeting in Ottawa.

At the inception of the Association and during its first three years of existence, the membership consisted of eighteen companies with equal representation from operators and manufacturers. In 1937 a permanent staff was appointed and an office was established in Ottawa.  On November 2, 1942 the name was changed to the Air Industries and Transport Association of Canada. On April 9, 1962, the manufacturing members formed their own association allowing the remaining members to focus exclusively on aircraft operators. The association was subsequently renamed the Air Transport Association of Canada to reflect this new focus, and the modern ATAC was born.

Today, ATAC advocates for the interests of its members both domestically and internationally. We deliver value through services that include advocacy, representation, communication, and more. ATAC is proud to support our members in their commitment to a safe, world-leading and sustainable Canadian air transport industry.  

Minutes of the first ATAC meeting, November 18, 1934.

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