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Member Spotlight - Perimeter Aviation

The Air Transport Association of Canada (ATAC) proudly recognizes Perimeter Aviation as one of our valued members. As a leader in safe and innovative aviation services, Perimeter Aviation consistently meets customer demands while investing in its employees and the communities it serves.


Perimeter Aviation's commitment to enhancing community services is demonstrated through its customized offerings and continuous improvements. The airline provides discounted cargo shipping rates for essential items and supports impactful programs such as Harvest Manitoba and Nutrition North, which address local nutritional needs. Additionally, it backs significant health and wellness initiatives like The Rob Nash Project and Hope Air, as well as educational efforts including Teach Canada, BIOlab Jeunesse, the Reclaiming Our Future Youth Conference, and facilitates their own through the Stay-In-School Perimeter VIP program and the Bill Wehrle Scholarship. Perimeter Aviation also fosters culture through events like Manito Ahbee and Wake the Giant, underlining its dedication to serving and uplifting the communities it connects. For more information on Perimeter Aviation and the services they provide, please visit their website.

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