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Pilot Fatigue Rules Under Review Again

Updated: Apr 24

Although TCCA has made it clear that the Pilot Fatigue Regulations are NOT up for review and change at this time, they have agreed that something must be done to “work” with the regulations and guidance material to find solutions for many problems within the current requirements. This is something ATAC has been saying needs to be done since the current regulations were promulgated in December 2018.


TCCA CARAC issued the related Preliminary Issue and Consultation Assessment document PICA 2024-001 on March 19, 2024, following issuance of the amended Advisory Circular AC 700-047 Issue 04 on Flight Crew Fatigue Management – Prescriptive Regulations. ATAC is pleased to see this opportunity placed before us however only time will tell if the necessary “clarifications” are agreed to and that they will be sufficient to enable Canadian commercial operators to operate safely, efficiently and in an economically and environmentally sustainable way.


ATAC member subject matter experts are convening in an ATAC focus group this month to brainstorm concepts and detailed suggestions that will be shared for comments with all Flight Ops Committee members during the May 8th committee meeting that is part of the ATAC Spring Day on the Hill events. Thank you to the Focus Group members for their efforts on this very important subject. We look forward to an engaging discussion during our May 8th meeting.

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